A mood board is a visual tool that communicates our concepts and our visual idea. 

It is a digital collage made of Fonts, Colours, Graphics, Patterns, Grids, Screenshots of other websites (as examples of UI) and Layout that helps define the direction of a website. It shouldn’t be confused with a mock-up, a more concrete version of a website that is only a few steps away from going live. 

mood board
mood board

When a website design has been ordered, it must match the client’s expectations, preferences, and requirements.

A mood board can be extremely helpful in avoiding misunderstandings that may stem from trying to describe something verbally and avoiding big surprises.

Mood boards are casual, and nothing is set in stone. Their purpose is to gather ideas and inspiration before jumping into a formal design. 

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a mood board is that it enables clients to offer as much feedback as possible on what they like and don’t like, thus reducing the odds that something is lost in translation. 

Creating a mood board doesn’t require much time. It can be done in a few hours, or maybe less, and it can be easily edited, saving time and effort.

That’s why I send my clients a Brand Workshop before our first meeting. 

It helps me create a first mood board to show, discuss and change together, making the entire process enjoyable and smoother from the beginning. 

mood board
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